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contracting tools


with a single solution to create, sign and manage your contracts.


Generate contracts fast and accurately

With the use of guided and dynamic questionnaires, you can easily create multiple documents tailored to your needs.


Get contracts approved and signed from anywhere, anytime

Approval and signature workflows are customised to your needs.

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Stay on top of your contracts

Ensure that you always know what’s going on with real-time updates and reporting.

What's the difference?

  • Digital Contracting tools
  • The DocNinja solution
Digital Contracting toolsThe DocNinja solution
Seamless flow between document creation, signature and management
Having separate tools for document creation, signature and management firstly costs a lot more but also means integration headaches. With a DocNinja solution the process flows seamlessly and there is no need to worry about integrations.
Advanced document automation and contract creation frameworks
Document & form population tools have limitations. With DocNinja's advanced document creation capabilities the functionality required for document automation is endless.
Professional services
Included in each package is a professional service to help you to unlock the full benefit of document and contract automation.
Unlimited electronic signatures
Being limited by the number of envelopes will not provide you with the certainty required to budget for a new solution. That's why at DocNinja we do not limited the number of signature requests.
Bespoke development
We are not a tools provider, but rather focus on providing a solution that fits within your current systems
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Where do you want to use the DocNinja solution?


Admin & Finance

“There is no longer a need for a tedious and time-consuming process to capture contract data.”

“Signed contracts that usually only resided on someone email is now a thing of the past.”

“Audits relating to the contracts of the business are easier and less expensive.”

Sales & Marketing

“Contracts look clean & professional.”

“The Contract Creation Framework ensures that all contracts are concluded within business rules and the applicable legal framework.”


“Improved efficiency allows us to allocate resources to higher-value tasks.”

“All the personal information contained in our contracts are no longer all over the place and are kept within the central contract repository in accordance with our data retention policies.”

Executive Team

“For us, it’s all about the data and having insights into our contracts and being able to identify where revenue leakage is occurring.”


“Working with a team that understands contracts and coding is a gamechanger.”

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our typical integrations will be with CRM and ERP systems. We can also build custom integrations 

No, the DocNinja system is browser based and we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Yes, we provide a fully managed solutions and will do all the heavy lifting for you.

If you are only concluding a couple of contracts with your customers a month, then DocNinja is not the solution you are looking for. The benefits of DocNinja are mainly realised when businesses concludes high volumes of contracts with their customers on a monthly basis and there is data locked up in these contracts that are valuable to the business.

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