Contracts should not hold things up.

Let us help you sort the paperwork then you can focus on what matters.

Are you still copying and pasting from old word templates to create contracts for your clients?

Client are demanding more for less these days. 

You need to start working more efficiently, otherwise you will always be playing catchup with your competitors.

Let's help you fix these problems!


Paperwork holding up the deal? Contracts taking forever to get drafted? Is internal contract approvals a mess?

Is everyone using different logos, fonts and styles when sending out contracts?

Do you find that no one really knows what the latest approved version of the contract is or where to find it?


Is your existing process for getting internal approvals mainly email-based? Are these approval emails getting lost in cluttered inboxes or ending up in spam due to the attachments?

Are your customers not getting around to signing the contract? Is the signature of the contract holding you up from commencing your work or rendering your invoice?

Are your customers returning contracts that are not fully signed or incorrectly signed?


Do you find that no one is really keeping track of your fixed term contracts?

Where did we put that? Whose inbox is it? Do they even still work here? Are these questions you often ask?

Are you making use of the data locked up in your contracts?


The time it takes to automate documents is dependent on the functionality you require. That being said, our team consists of lawyers and engineers that are well equipped to handle complex document automation faster and more efficiently than any other service provider.

We do build custom workflows between the creation, signature and management processes. 

We prefer the AWS cloud infrastructure as it has time and time again been shown as the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform.

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