Employment Agreement

What is an Employment Agreement?

An Employment Agreement determines the rights, duties and obligations between the Employer and the Employee. An employment relationship is further governed by various legislation (for example the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the Labour Relations Act).
When do I need this?
Whenever you want to employ a person either on a fixed-term or permanent basis, it is important to conclude an Employment Agreement. With an Employment Agreement, the employee is subject to the control and direction of the employer, the employer stipulates what hours the employee shall work, the employer dictates how and when the various tasks shall be performed, the employer provides all the resources to enable those tasks or services to be performed.
Do I need a legal expert to assist?
Employment Agreements are in most aspects standard and the Basic Conditions of Employment regulates most of the content. When you, however, want to include provisions for example relating to intellectual property, trade connections, inventions and restraints then we recommend that you speak to one of our Contract Specialists to ensure that you cover all the bases.
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