Consultancy Agreement

What is a Consultancy Agreement?

The title Consultancy or Consultant Agreement is used interchangeably and refers to the same type of Agreement. With a Consultancy Agreement, the Client appoints the Consultant (which can be an individual or a company), to provide certain consulting services to the Client. The appointment of the Consultant is usually for a fixed period of time or until the service is completed.
When do I need this?
Where the services of the Consultant are required for a fixed period of time or where the Consultant will only be appointed until a specific service is completed.
Do I need a legal expert to assist?
If the Parties require provisions that must regulate the respective Intellectual Property rights of the Parties or where restraints (for example non-compete provisions) must be placed on the Consultant, we recommend that you get in touch with one of our Contract Specialists to ensure that due regard is given to the important considerations that may relate to these clauses.
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