Assignment of Trademark Agreement

What is an Assignment of Trademark Agreement?

An Assignment of Trademark Agreement is also called a Sale of Trademark Agreement and is used when you want to sell the rights you have in a Trademark. The term “assignment” refers to the transfer of legal rights and obligations.
A trademark is an Intellectual Property Right recognised in terms of our law. A trademark is a brand name, a slogan or a logo. It identifies the services or goods of one person and distinguishes it from the goods and services of another.
When do I need this?
When you want to sell a Trademark to another person an Assignment of Trademark Agreement will be required.
Do I need a legal expert to assist?
Intellectual Property Law is a specialised field. If you are not experienced with these types of transactions, we recommend that you engage one of our Contract Specialists to ensure that all the relevant considerations have been taken into account.
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