Commercial Lease Agreement

What is a Commercial Lease Agreement?

A Commercial Lease Agreement is a lease agreement where a Landlord leases an immovable property (for example an office suite), to a Tenant. The Tenant uses the immovable property for business purposes.
When do I need this?
Commercial leases are distinguished from one another by looking at the type of immovable property that is leased. Generally, the following immovable property is leased under a commercial lease: Retail space (for example a shop in a mall) Office space (for example a suite in an office building) Industrial space (for example a warehouse) The Commercial Lease Agreement available on the system can be used for the above type of Immovable Property. Once the applicable immovable property is selected, the applicable questions and corresponding clauses will be generated.
Do I need a legal expert to assist?
Over the years the terms in Commercial Lease Agreements have become (to some extent) standard. These terms are, however, worded differently in different agreements. Once you want to start adding provisions relating to exclusivity or turnover rental provisions, we recommend that you engage with one of our Contract Specialists.
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