Standard Terms of Services

What are standard terms of service?

Standard terms of service define a relationship between a business and a client or customer. You will often find standard terms of service on the back of a quotation or you will see a hyperlink on a quotation that refers to the business' standard terms of service. Standard terms of service are generally incorporate by way of reference and it is not required to sign standard terms of service for each transaction (this is provided the client or customer is made aware of these standard terms of service). These terms will (amongst other things) address various financial aspects, obligations of the business and those of the client or customer, confidentiality and limitations of liability.
When do I need this?
It is advisable that any business that provides a service makes use of standard terms of service to address those awkward situations where the client says to you "you never told me so...")
Do I need a legal expert to assist?
Standard terms of service are generally straightforward. If you have a service that may hold various potential risks to a client or customer it is advisable that you make contact with one of our contract and commercial law specialists to ensure that you have all your bases covered.
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