Freelance Agreement

What is a Freelance Agreement

A freelance Agreement is an agreement for service where the Freelancer undertakes to perform a specific task. Unless otherwise agreed, the Freelancer will be paid upon completion of the task. Working hours are not regulated and responsibilities are defined in the agreement. Freelancers will generally invoice the Client with invoices paid as per the Agreement.

When do I need this?

The Freelance Agreement can be used when you want to appoint someone to carry out a specific task and not necessarily want to appoint someone on an ongoing basis. If you need to appoint someone on an ongoing basis for a monthly amount, you should rather consider using an employment agreement.

Do I need a legal expert to assist?

With Freelance Agreements, it is important that the scope of the service be clearly defined. The Parties to the Agreement should be able to do this. If you need to start including provisions relating to intellectual property, restraints and limitation of liability provisions, we recommend that you speak to one of our contract and commercial law specialists to ensure that your intentions are correctly reflected in the Agreement. 

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