Ante-nuptial Contract Pack

  • Antenuptial Contract - R 450.00
  • It is a contract that determines what will happen to the respective Parties estates when the marriage comes to an end.
  • Legal Practitioner Letter of Engagement (Party A) - R 250.00
  • This Letter of Engagement must be used when you are acting for Party A.

    The Letter of Engagement contains a calculator used to calculate the hourly fee that will be charged by taking into account the importance, significance, expertise and complexity of work that will be done, the volume and urgency of the work and the financial implications of the matter. 

    The hourly fee calculation is followed by inputs relating to the estimation of the fees and payment terms as well as the terms of engagement between the Legal Practitioner and the Client. 

    This documents further makes provision for the applicable FICA questionnaire, FICA tables and the status affidavits required before engaging with the Client. 
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