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A Master Software Development Agreement is a framework agreement detailing the terms on which the Customer engages the Developer to develop bespoke Software.

The Master Software Development Agreement goes hand-in-hand with a Statement of Work (SoW) which details required functional and technical specifications, important dates and commercials.

An End User License Agreement (EULA) provides standard terms under which a Provider licences off-the-shelf, unmodified Software to End Users.


The terms under a EULA are generally provided with the Software and are not meant to be negotiated or signed by the Parties. Instead, the End-User indicates acceptance of the EULA by taking a specified action (for example clicking "I accept the standard terms and conditions" during the software installation process.)

A Software Original Equipment Manufacturing Agreement is in essence a software license. The Licensor licenses the Software to the OEM who manufactures Equipment and bundles and distributes the licensed Software with the Equipment.  As an example, take Samsung smartphones. These devices are manufactured by Samsung, however, the operating systems (i.e. Software) that runs on the device is android. 

A Professional Services Agreement is concluded between a Customer and a Service Provider.

Services under a Professional Services Agreement are generally unique and technical. For example, the development of a turnaround strategy for a business.

A Software License Agreement is concluded between a Software Provider and a Customer. It sets out the terms of use and conditions related to specific Software and the commercial aspects, for example, license fees, escalations and overage.

A Reseller Agreement is concluded between a Business and a Reseller and details how a business will resell another business's products or services.

The agreement grants the Reseller rights to market and sell the product or service, determines the scope of the reseller's rights in respect of territory, exclusivity and rebates and includes the respective Parties' different obligations, restrictions and duties.

As part of Software licenced to a Customer, the Customer may need certain Support and Maintenance Services related to the Software.

The Support and Maintenance Agreement details the terms and conditions governing the provision of maintenance and support services to customers.

A Cloud Services Agreement is concluded between a Cloud Service Provider and a Customer for using Cloud Services - for example, Software as a Service (SaaS).

This agreement provides terms and conditions for using their cloud service.

An API Agreement governs the use of API's between the Software Service Provider and other developers or users that want to use the API within their Software.

A Software Escrow Agreement is often also referred to as a Source Code Escrow.


With this Agreement the Licensor of the Software agrees to "deposit" a copy of the Source Code with a third-party Escrow Agent. If for example, the Licensor becomes bankrupt, the Customer will receive a copy of the Source Code from the Escrow Agent, allowing the Customer to continue using and updating the Software. 


An NDA is an agreement between parties which determines how confidential information will be exchanged, how it can be used, by whom it can be used and to what extent it may be used.

A MSA is a framework agreement defining the general terms in a business relationship concerning services provided by the Service Provider to the Customer. These include payment terms, warranties, intellectual property ownership and dispute resolution.

With an Independent Contractor Agreement, a Client appoints a Contractor to render certain services. No employment relationship is created and the Independent Contractor relationship is not subject to the usual employment laws.

An Agency Agreement is concluded between a Principle and an Agent. It is used to create a principal-agent relationship and used where one party (the "Principal") allows another party (the "Agent") to act on their behalf.

A Distribution Agreement is concluded between a Business and a Distributor. This agreement determines how products are to be distributed within a Territory and the respective rights and obligations of the Parties when it comes to distributing the Products.

A Master Purchase Agreement (MPA) is a framework agreement that specifies various rights and obligations between a Customer and a Supplier.


Together with the MPA, the Customer issues Purchase Orders that read together with the MPA regulates the commercial relationship between the Customer and the Supplier.


The MPA generally overwrites the Supplier's General Terms relating to the sale of Goods and is used for larger more complex transactions.

Generally, an MOU is a non-binding agreement between parties in which the parties record certain facts and discussions surrounding a proposed binding agreement that they wish to enter into.
MOUs are often combined with non-disclosure agreements (which are binding on the Parties) and also sometimes contain non-solicitation of key individual provisions (which are also binding on the Parties).
The MOU is also sometimes referred to in practice as a “Term Sheet” or a “Recordal”, and usually contain key principles that must be mirrored in the definitive agreement and a recordal of certain actions to be taken by the applicable parties to the MOU.

Why DocNinja

Our document and contract creation frameworks are extensively used by experienced legal professionals who assist in ensuring our frameworks are up to date.

Complete document packs

Users can create multiple contracts, schedules and supporting documents from a single guided interview.

Continuous improvement

With every document created, we make provision for a feedback loop to determine user satisfaction and get feedback on the documents. 

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Interviews change and adapt based on user input, and various guidance notes and real-time feedback is provided to the users throughout the process.

Plain English

We believe any person on a business manager level must be able to understand what a contract says and therefore the generated contracts are written in plain and understandable English.

Highly customizable

Whether users want to build a basic services agreement of 10 pages or a comprehensive services agreement of 60 pages, it is easily done with the DocNinja contract builders.  

Team of experts

We have a team of engineers and legal practitioners continuously iterating through the contract creation frameworks to ensure that they are up to date concerning any developments within the legal environment.



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