DocNinja builds 

guided questionnaires

that help you create contracts fast, accurately and at scale.

Create even the most advanced contracts faster and more accurately!


DocNinja advanced contract builders

Multiple document creation

Create multiple documents and add relevant annexures and schedules from a single interview.

Internal rules and approvals

Set different rules and approval processes for different users to ensure contracts are created within allowed parameters.

Integrated playbooks

Include playbooks with preferred and fallback positions as part of the document creation process.

Real-time feedback

Incorporate institutional knowledge as part of the document creation process and trigger real-time feedback based on user input.

External data source integration

Connect to external data sources (for example your CRM system) and pull in required customer data. 

Advanced calculations

Do advanced calculations and add amounts directly to your contracts.

Template automation tools vs a DocNinja advanced contract builder

  • Template automation tools
  • An advanced contract builder
Template automation toolsAn advanced contract builder
Populates a static document with data that the user inputs
Builds your contracts from scratch by accessing a powerful contract creation framework with the latest approved clauses
Provides dynamic questionnaires that change, adapt and provides real-time feedback on user input
Makes provision for various rules and allowed changes based on authority levels
Creates multiple transaction specific documents from a single interview
Pulls in the latest rates, fees and other data from a single source of truth
Seamlessly connects to approval & electronic signature workflows
Attends to advanced calculation and table creation
Incorporates your playbooks with preferred and fallback positions

Frequently asked questions

No, our team of lawyers and engineers will do the heavy lifting for you and there is no need to make use of a resource within your business to learn the coding behind document automation.

Yes, our typical integrations will be with CRM and ERP systems. 


We can also build custom integrations 

There are different types of document automation solutions. Most automated legal documents start with a questionnaire that the user needs to complete. The answers are then populated into a mainly static template.

Then there is the DocNinja contract creation framework which allows users to:

  • Make use of advanced decision trees and document logic to create documents from scratch exactly tailored to the user’s need;
  • Make use of dynamic data capturing so that the data can be used throughout the rest of the contracting and reporting process; and
  • Re-use data in other documents and transactions;

No, the DocNinja system is browser based and we do all the heavy lifting for you.

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