Large Scale

Enterprise Solutions

Contracts are the foundation of commerce governing every cent in and out of business. We help you transform your business contracts into strategic business assets.

We provide an end to end solution that enables your team to conveniently attend to the contracting process with confidence without necessarily involving legal.

Benefits of digitising your contracting process:
  • Streamline your documents
    Make sure everybody works with the same, updated documents.
  • Secure internal approvals in seconds
    Agree on contract changes without ever leaving your browser, and track your contracts effortlessly with a visual contract timeline.
  • Free up countless hours of administrative contracting work
    Automating manual processes frees up your team to focus on more high value tasks. You also gain increased control and reduce costs.
  • Leverage data in your contracts in the most advanced way
    Use intuitive dashboards to get real time insights into your business contracts.
  • Become data-driven
    Digitise your workflow, organise your data and ensure you are future-proof.