Contract automation and creation

Slash your contract creation time.

A state-of-the-art document creation platform

Generate bespoke and compliant contracts with confidence through our powerful, intelligent contract creation frameworks.

  • Industry-leading document assembly technology

    Advanced document logic and decision trees harness institutional knowledge to help you streamline document creation, improve accuracy, and reduce legal risk.

  • Progressive data capturing

    Your data is captured at source, and algorithms change and adapt your questions, workflows and documents in real-time, allowing you to eliminate various manual processes.

  • Integrate with existing databases and data sources

    Shift your resources to more valuable tasks by significantly reducing contract creation time.

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Commercial Lease Agreement

Document: Commercial Lease
Party: Johns Hardware Store
Author: Adam Smith

Employment Agreement

Document: HR Employment Contract
Party: Employee: James South
Author: Abigale Jones

Sale of Share Agreement

Document: Sale of Share Agreement
Party: Simple Sweet Holdings
Author: Brian Hugo

Approval Workflows and Document Comparisons

Get more done with less effort.

Streamline your document approval process

We customise approval workflows to your business’ needs and use powerful document comparison technology to avoid bottlenecks and reduce legal risk.

  • Centralised approval workflows

    Getting contracts approved at scale from one unified workspace ensures transparency and avoids unnecessary bottlenecks related to approvals.

  • Version control and full audit logs

    Compare different versions of documents with full audit logs on viewers and approvers, increasing accountability and reducing legal risks.

  • Linked processes to work together

    Everything from document creation to approval and signature of documents is seamlessly integrated.

Approval workflow
Sale of share agreement Incomplete
Original Sale of share agreement
v1 Sale of shares Updated - SpaceX
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Electronic signatures

Do business anytime, anywhere.

Legally binding electronic signatures

A secure, automated electronic signature solution that complies with the applicable legislation, ensuring that signatures are valid and binding.

  • Avoid bottlenecks

    Getting all the relevant parties to print, sign, and scan documents is a frustrating process. With docninja, the signing process is more convenient with an easy-to-use electronic signature solution.

  • Stay in the loop

    Follow the signature process with status notifications that keep you in the loop throughout.

  • Audit trail

    Each document has a comprehensive log of each party’s name, email address, IP address, and a record of the day and time of all activity that occurred.

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Home Loan Agent
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Contract Management

Never miss a key date again.

Stored Documents
Business Lease Agreement
Effective Date
Expiry Date
Termination Clause
Can renew 1 month prior to expiry
Change Status After Expiry
Lease Agreement Signed Copy
James Dunbar - 2021-07-23 04:25
Lease Agreement Signed Copy
James Dunbar - 2021-07-23 04:25
OCR pending

Reduce risk and seize opportunities

With automatic extraction of key dates and clauses, as well as party information, you can stay on top of your contracts with ease.

  • Automated key date reminders

    Key dates are automatically identified in the generated documents, and corresponding reminders are automatically sent to the relevant parties.

  • Important clause identification

    Important clauses are automatically identified so you can see which contracts contain important clauses at a glance.

  • Easy management of related party information

    Now you can ensure continuity and know exactly who is responsible for which document.

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