Hiring is hard enough.

Let us help you sort the paperwork then you can focus on what matters.

Let's help you fix these problems!

Contract Creation

Is everyone using different logos, fonts and styles when sending out contracts?

Do you find that no one really knows what the latest approved version of the contract is or where to find it?

Contract Signature

Are your customers not getting around to signing the contract? Is the signature of the contract holding you up from commencing your work or rendering your invoice?

Are your customers returning contracts that are not fully signed or incorrectly signed?

Is your existing process for getting internal approvals mainly email-based? Are these approval emails getting lost in cluttered inboxes or ending up in spam due to the attachments?

Contract Management

Do you find that no one is really keeping track of your fixed term contracts?

Where did we put that? Whose inbox is it? Do they even still work here? Are these questions you often ask?

How we make sure you achieve these benefits

we build amazing contract creation frameworks tailored to your needs

we integrate with the rest of your systems

we create approval & electronic signature workflows

we ensure that you know what is going on in your contracts

Why HR Teams switch to a DocNinja solution

Save money

They realise that having separate solutions for contract creation, electronic signatures, and contract management costs a lot more.

Having DocNinja as your single solution that handles creation, signature and management also means no more integration headaches!

Centralise approval

They realise that email-based approval processes often do not work and that approval emails get lost in cluttered inboxes or end up in spam due to the attachments.

The DocNinja solution centralises approvals and helps you keep track of what is outstanding.

Go paperless

They know how much printers, paper and storage cost them each year.

The DocNinja solution is completely browser-based. There are no software to install or updates to run!

Free up resources

They realise that by equipping their team to be more efficient and to reduce time spent on inaccurate manual processes, they allow them to focus on more high-value activities.

Get things done

They realise that businesses need to move at a pace like never before and that businesses cannot have unnecessary bottlenecks when it comes to HR.

Become data driven

They realise that data unlocks insights that enable a business to make more informed decisions.

What happens next

Step 1

Needs analysis

Every business is unique.

Firstly, we develop a better understanding of your business and your current contracting possesses. 

Step 1
Step 2

Scope and proposal

Once we have a better understanding about what you need, we will prepare a detailed proposal for your consideration.

Step 2
Step 3


If you accept the proposal, we start creating a contract creation framework tailored to your needs.

We also start configuring the approval processes and electronic signature workflows. 

If contracts need to be converted to plain language, this will also happen during this step.

Step 3
Step 4

User onboarding

We now start training the people that will be using the system.  Depending on the support and maintenance package you select, we also now start building a knowledge base for your users.

The knowledge base contains, videos, how-to guides and other information that will help them get going with the system.

Step 4
Step 5

Dashboard creation

By now we have a better understanding which contract data is valuable to you.

We now start building custom dashboards and start the processes relating to extracting data from your legacy contracts.

Step 5
Step 6

Custom integrations

Your system is now fully up and running.

We now build any custom integration with other system that you may need. 

Step 6


We provide end-to-end digital contracting solutions for businesses by combining the latest technology with all the services you require to ensure that your conversion to digital contracting is successful.

We do build custom workflows between the creation, signature and management processes. 

We prefer the AWS cloud infrastructure as it has time and time again been shown as the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform.

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