Streamline contracting

In-House Legal Teams

For In-House Teams, the creation, negotiation, approval, signature and management of strategic core business contracts largely still involves error-prone manual and slow processes. The Legal Team is supposed to focus on more high-value tasks and not repetitive mundane things.

How we will make your life a lot easier -
  • Increase in compliance and a reduction in risk
    We automate various manual processes relating to the contract lifecycle process that results in an increase in compliance and a reduction in risk.
  • Need to get custom alterations approved?
    By using document comparison technology, we’ll show you the differences between your original document and an updated version. Have the summary sent off to your compliance team for approval and never fall outside of your compliance scope again.
  • Address various bottlenecks in the contract lifecycle process
    Make use of document comparison technology, bespoke workflows with real-time feedback and version control.
  • We act as an extension of your legal team
    By making use of our recommended contract and commercial transaction specialists we can act as an extension of your Legal Team and provide a fully managed service.