Advanced Document Automation
Legal Firms

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Are you still copying and pasting from old word templates to create contracts for your clients?

Client are demanding more for less these days. 

You need to start working more efficiently, otherwise you will always be playing catchup with your competitors.

We help Legal Firms automate streamline digitise their document creation processes

Why Legal Firms need end-to-end digital contracting

Clients are more educated than ever. If you are using old error-prone inefficient processes to create documents, clients will be enticed to move to firms that are keeping up with the times.


Why DocNinja?

We provide digital contract creation solutions for Legal Firms by using the latest technology available.

Let's fix these problems!

Is everyone using different logos, fonts and styles when sending out contracts?

Are you still creating your contracts from word, excel and google docs?

Are human errors creeping into your contracts due to copying and pasting?

Receiving back edited PDFs from the counterparty or the word document without tracked changes?

Do you still have to double-check cross referencing each time before a document goes out?

Are you still using a manual error-prone method to insert numbering into your documents? 

Let's save you some money!

By equipping your team to be more efficient and reducing time spent on inaccurate manual processes, you allow them to focus on more high-value activities that increase revenue.

Printers, paper and storage likely cost more than you think. If you go paperless, it means no more expensive printing and storage costs.

We have done the numbers. Having separate solutions for contract creation, electronic signatures, and contract management will cost you at least 5x more than having DocNinja as your single solution that handles creation, signature and management! Best of all, no more integration headaches!

Digitise these contracts!


The time it takes to automate documents is dependent on the functionality you require. That being said, our team consists of lawyers and engineers that are well equipped to handle complex document automation faster and more efficiently than any other service provider.

We do build custom workflows between the creation, signature and management processes. 

We prefer the AWS cloud infrastructure as it has time and time again been shown as the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform.

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This is a free 30min consultation to better understand your business and your needs.