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Use technology to get ahead of the competition.

Let us help you sort the paperwork then you can focus on what matters.


Are you still copying and pasting from old word templates to create documents?

Client are demanding more for less these days. 

You need to start working more efficiently, otherwise you will always be playing catchup with your competitors.


Problems experienced by Law Firms


How DocNinja solves the problems


Benefits of using technology to solve the problems


The DocNinja process


DocNinja’s value add


To remain competitive and profitable, firms need to find ways to streamline processes, reduce redundancies, and improve efficiencies.


Documents taking forever to get drafted? Is internal  approvals a mess?

Is everyone using different logos, fonts and styles when sending out documents?

Do you find that no one really knows what the latest approved version of the template is or where to find it?

Are you still creating your contracts from word, excel and google docs? Are human errors creeping into your contracts due to copying and pasting?


Are your clients not getting around to signing the contract? Is the signature of the contract holding you up from commencing your work or rendering your invoice?

Are your customers returning contracts that are not fully signed or incorrectly signed?

Do you have any idea which deals are out for signature? Which deals are no longer proceeding? Where are bottlenecks occurring in the contracting process?


Do you find that no one is really keeping track of important dates within the contracts?

Receiving back edited PDFs from the counterparty or the word document without tracked changes? 

Where did we put that? Whose inbox is it? Do they even still work here? Are these questions you often ask?


DocNinja users typically win back 80% of time spent on contract admin.

we build amazing document creation frameworks tailored to your needs

we integrate with the rest of your systems

we create approval & electronic signature workflows

we ensure that you know what is going on in your contracts


We work with Law Firms to help them streamline their processes so that they can focus on aspects which clients regard as value adding.

Save money

Having separate solutions for contract creation, electronic signatures, and contract management costs a lot more.

Having DocNinja as your single solution that handles creation, signature and management also means no more integration headaches!

Ensure contracts are correct

With DocNinja, rules and parameters are enforced during document creation, ensuring that the correct documents are created. 

Go paperless

Printers, paper and storage cost a lot.

The DocNinja solution is completely browser-based. There is no software to install or updates to run!

Free up resources

Equip your team to be more efficient and reduce time spent on inaccurate manual processes allowing them to focus on high-value activities that increase revenue.

Retention of Firm "know-how"

A lot of brainpower and know-how can be lost when lawyers leave a firm. But, document automation can remedy this since it essentially serves as a continuous repository of firm knowledge – not to mention it can help speed up the onboarding of new lawyers at the firm.

Increase efficiency

The days of painstakingly drafting employment contracts, NDAs, or other documents from scratch are long gone. With document automation, you can create a wide range of legal documents in a fraction of the time it previously took.

The Process

Step 1

Needs analysis

We sit with your respective teams to start understanding where things get stuck, where there is room for improvement and build relationships with the people responsible for driving change.

Step 1
Step 2


We make a couple of recommendations for you to consider.

Step 2
Step 3

We get to work

We now start creating amazing document and contract builders that are tailored to your need.

Step 3
Step 4

User onboarding and training

We introduce users to system and provide training. We also start building the knowledge base, which contains guides and how-to videos specially create for you!

Step 4
Step 5


We measure user adoption, get user feedback and continue tweaking the solution to ensure that it meets your expectations.

Step 5
Step 6

We jump for joy!

Everything is now connected and working seamlessly!

Step 6

Why DocNinja

We are a team of lawyers, engineers and designers that helps you take your Law Firm to the next level.

Data security

We only use the best. AWS cloud infrastructure has time and time again been shown as the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform.

Save money

In-house development may appear attractive. However, for R60k, you barely cover the salary of a mid-level developer that will not have the needed legal, data science, accounting and process engineering expertise to ensure that a project of this nature works. 

Shared expertise

We bring a wealth of legal, process flow and data analytics knowledge to the table to help you thrive. 


The time it takes to automate documents is dependent on the functionality you require. That being said, our team consists of lawyers and engineers that are well equipped to handle complex document automation faster and more efficiently than any other service provider.

We do build custom workflows between the creation, signature and management processes. 

We prefer the AWS cloud infrastructure as it has time and time again been shown as the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform.

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