DocNinja ensures that you know what is going on in your contracts!

Stay on top of your contracts and reduce revenue leakage!

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DocNinja contract management

Key date management

Automatically extract important dates from your contracts and use these dates to configure automatic reminders.

AI search capabilities

With the use of OCR & NLP technology, you can search across your enterprise, even within scanned documents.

Central contract repository

Signed contracts are automatically stored within the secure central contract repository which is automatically backed up and maintained.

BI dashboards

Make use of business intelligence dashboards, and receive insights into your contracts and contracting processes to help you make better decisions with real-time data.

API integrations

Once signature is completed, push applicable data to other systems (for example your ERP or financial accounting system). 

Smart tagging and filtering

Automatically tag related documents and add custom filters to enable you to quickly find what you need.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our typical integrations will be with CRM and ERP systems. 


We can also build custom integrations 

No, the DocNinja system is browser based and we do all the heavy lifting for you.

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