We are looking for amazing partners!

Let's start growing better together.

There are two different programs:

  • Solutions Partner Programs; and
  • Referral Partner Program
If you are interested in adding the DocNinja Solutions to your current offering and distributing the DocNinja Solutions under your style and branding, the Solutions Partner Program is likely what we must consider. 
If you want to refer customers to us and receive commission, credits and other benefits the Referral Partner Program is for you!

Our partners range from law and accounting firms to other service providers operating in the tech space.

The Solutions Partner Program is for service providers looking to expand their offerings to clients and customers.


We provide you with the necessary resources to help you implement the DocNinja solutions under your branding.


You contract directly with the customer or client and we then charge you agreed fixed fees.

Our Referral Partner Program is for our existing customers that already understand the DocNinja solutions and refer other businesses to us.


Depending on our agreement, we provide you with commission and credits for successful referrals.

You can contact our co-founder, Martin Kotze – martin@docinja.io.


He is responsible for strategic partnerships at DocNinja and looks forward to talking to you!