Pricing guide

Each business is unique, therefore pricing will be determined on an individual basis, given the following variables: Number of users, Term of Contract, Development hours required for customisation and type of SLA required.

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Example 1Example 2Example 3
per month / per user
per month / per user
per month / per user
FunctionalityContract Creation, Signature and ManagementContract Creation, Signature and ManagementContract Creation, Signature and Management
Included customization20 free hours (contract automation)50 free hours (contract automation + analytics & data visualization)None
Term24 months24 months36 months
SLABasic SLABasic SLAComprehensive SLA
Add-ons are billed on a time and material basis as per agreed rate card.
Analytics & data visualizationCustom approval and signature workflowsContract automation + custom approval and signature workflows + analytics and data visualization
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Got some questions?

Are there any limits placed on contract creation and e-signatures?

There are no hard limits on the number of contracts that you can generate or e-signature requests. However, we have a fair usage policy that we may invoke if it becomes clear to us that you are misusing the system. 

What are the terms of the SLA?

Each SLA we conclude with a customer has its own unique terms with regard to uptime, error-response and general assistance.

What is a user?

If the person must be able to log into the web application, then that person is regarded as a user.

Does any person that signs a document need to be a user?

No, signature requests can be sent to third-parties and these third-parties will not be regarded as users.

Do we offer a free trial?

Due to time that goes into customizing the solutions to the customers needs, we do not provide free trials. What we do provide is a “free opt-out”. The “free opt-out” means that if you are not happy with the solution after 6 months, you can terminate our agreement without further charge.

Is there a minimum number of users?

Each business is unique and has different requirements, however, we found that smaller businesses having less than 20 users do not realise the full benefit of the system as these businesses can generally keep tab of their contracts without a full end-to-end solution.

Need to speak to a human?

This is a free 30min consultation to better understand your business and your needs.