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Monthly billing


Contract Builder + E-signatures

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  • Create contracts part of the DN Library
  • 10 signature requests


End-to-end solution

$ 75 user/month (billed annually)
  • Your contracts - fully automated
  • Unlimited signature requests
  • Manage contracts


Custom solution

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  • Advanced contract creation features
  • Advanced signing features
  • Priority SLA
  • Analytics and reporting
  • White label

Why choose DocNinja


With most digital contracting tools, you need to fit in with their system workflow. We realise that your business is unique and tailor signature workflows to suit your business. 

Pricing that makes sense

Paying the competitor’s current per-user prices for signature technology with limited functionality that has been around for decades is throwing money in the water. 

The help you need

To harness the true value of document automation you need a specialist document automation developer. That is why we include a dedicated contract automation specialist as part of your package. 

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DocNinja builds guided questionnaires that help you create contracts fast and accurately.

  • Free
  • Business
  • Enterprise
/per month /per user
Build contracts that form part of the DocNinja automated contract library
Our contract automation specialists turn your contracts into fully automated contracts
Automation of your contracts by a contract automation specialist
Our contract automation specialists turn your contracts into fully automated contracts
Advanced document logic and decision trees
Interview questions change and adapt based on user input
CRM integrations
Fetch the latest customer information directly from your CRM
Multiple document creation
Create multiple documents from a single interview
Advanced calculations
Do advanced calculations within the interview based on the latest rates & fees
Internal rules & approvals
Use internal rules to ensure contracts are created within business rules and request approvals without leaving the interview
Integrated playbooks
See and set your default positions and fallback positions without leaving the interview
Real-time feedback
Receive real-time feedback on users input relating to legal limitations and positions
Approval workflows
Trigger and view approval workflows
Document comparison technology
Compare different versions of documents with one another to what changed
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Do business anytime and anywhere.

  • Free
  • Business
  • Enterprise
/per month /per user
Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL)
WebTrust Accredited
Real-time audit trail
Automated reminders & notification
Automatic signature setup
Go straight from document creation to signature without having to set up signers, fields and other signing information
Signer re-assignment
Allow for signers to re-assign signature requests to other people with their business
Add further signers
Allow signers to add further signers to the request to sign
Signer attachments
SMS authentication
Custom signature workflows
Signature workflows that cater for the unique requirements of your business
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DocNinja ensures that you know what is going on in your contracts.

  • Free
  • Business
  • Enterprise
/per month /per user
Central contract repository
Key date extraction & management
Automatically extract important dates and set reminders
Smart tagging and filtering
OCR with AI search capabilities
Enterprise level search where you can search within scanned documents
Data extraction from legacy contracts
BI dashboards & analytics
Custom dashboards & analytics tailored to your needs
Integrations with ERP / financial systems
Make use of custom API integration to pass data to other systems within the business (for example your ERP system)
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Got some questions?

Can I build my own guided questionnaires that can create automated documents?

We don’t provide a tool for you to create the guided questionaries used to build documents.

We are a solutions provider, and therefore we do the heavy lifting for you. Our specialist team takes responsibility for creating the guided questionaries and automated documents exactly to your needs.

There is no need for you to allocate resources to figuring out a new tool or upskill your current dev team to automate documents.

You will notice that the package we structure to your needs will include a certain number of hours per month that our specialist team will dedicate to ensure your guided questionnaires are perfect, and your documents are correct, up to date and on-brand.

Must we pay extra for the automation of our contracts?

Each package includes a number of development hours for coding and developing the guided questionnaires and automated contracts. The provided development hours are generally sufficient to get you up and running. Once the provided development hours are used, we will charge you an agreed hourly rate to further use the contract automation specialists.

Are there any other fees or costs that we need to be aware of?

Any custom development that is required is not included in the per user price. For example, if we need to customize approval and signature workflows or if need to build custom integrations we will charge at an agreed hourly rate.

Are there any discounts provided if we enter into a longer contract or we subscribe to more than 5 users?

Yes, we do provide discounts when the users exceed 5 or when you enter into a longer contract.

What are the terms of the priority SLA?

Each priority SLA we conclude with a customer has its own unique terms with regard to uptime, error-response and general assistance.

What is a user?

If the person must be able to log into the web application, then that person is regarded as a user.

Does any person that signs a document need to be a user?

No, signature requests can be sent to third-parties and these third-parties will not be regarded as users and will also not be required to create any user account on the DocNinja system.

Do we offer a free trial?

Due to time that goes into customizing the solutions to the customers needs, we do not provide free trials. What we do provide is a “free opt-out”. The “free opt-out” means that if you are not happy with the solution after 6 months, you can terminate our agreement without further charge.

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