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DocNinja Scout is your contract creation platform for creating bespoke tech contracts fast, accurately and with confidence!

*DocNinja Scout is only available for contract professionals.

DocNinja scout

Create tech contracts with confidence

Tech contracts are everywhere

Our inspiration for creating DocNinja Scout, the world’s most powerful tech contract creation framework, stemmed from a simple realisation: in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, tech contracts are everywhere.

There's no global standard for tech contracts

Businesses are entering into more tech contracts than ever, from contracting with a developer to build a new mobile app to subscribing to cloud services. Yet, unlike the construction and engineering industries, there’s no global standard for tech contracts. This lack of uniformity makes it increasingly more work for contract professionals to navigate these complex agreements, especially given how quickly technology evolves.

There's no comprehensive resource

Recognising this glaring gap, we set out on a mission to empower contract professionals with a comprehensive resource that stays ahead of the curve. DocNinja Scout is the result of our relentless pursuit of excellence—a cutting-edge contract creation framework that leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to allow you to create accurate tech contracts with confidence and without hassle.

Why leverage the power of LLMs?


Increased accuracy >

Large Language Models (LLMs) (for example GPT), through their extensive and intricate training on millions of legal contract clauses, developed an extraordinary capability to generate accurate, up-to-date, and industry-specific contractual provisions.


Increased understandability >

By assimilating vast knowledge from a diverse range of legal sources, LLMs are able to provide you with clear, concise, and accessible language for contract clauses. This unprecedented ability ensures well-crafted, legally sound clauses tailored to the tech industry, devoid of any perplexing jargon


Increased acceptance>

The end of the battle of the forms. You benefit from generated clauses that promote comprehension and collaboration among all parties involved, ultimately facilitating smoother business transactions and mitigating potential legal disputes.

“Basically, LLMs vast analysis of millions of contracts combined with the world’s most advanced contract creation framework allows you to generate tech contracts that are the culmination of collective legal wisdom. This ensures that you not only use clauses that align with best practices but also benefit from the learnings derived from countless legal professionals and their work.”

Contraction Creation Framework

An ever-expanding and improving library of tech contracts that can be build with the Contract Creation Framework.

Why use a contract creation framework?

Increased speed >

Using rules, conditional logic and advanced decision trees, ensure that the process of generating tech contracts is guided, intuitive and streamlined.

Increased flexibility >

Legal templates are limited in various ways. Generally, they populate documents with information.  With the use of a contract creation framework, each contract is created from scratch and tailored exactly to your needs.

Increased use of data >

Using a contract creation framework helps you unlock the data within your contracts. This means no more need for manual data capturing or AI-assisted data extraction.

DocNinja Scout Features

Multiple document creation

You can create multiple contracts, schedules and supporting documents with the click of a button.

Dropbox Sign included

The DocNinja Scout system is fully integrated with Dropbox Sign. This means that you can get your contracts effortlessly without the need to configure or set up signature or required fields.

Central Contract Repository

Configure your own filters and easily find contracts with the use of our AI-powered search functionality. The DocNinja Scout system will also set up key dates and schedule reminders.

Advanced calculations

The DocNinja Scout system takes care of project cost and milestone payment calculations.

Auto numbering & cross-referencing

No more spending hours checking numbering and cross-referencing. The DocNinja Scout system takes care of all of this.

Easily re-use of data

Data relating to the transaction and the configuration of the transaction is saved to our database. This means that if you want to create a similar transaction, you can easily import previous data and the configuration that was used for a previous transaction.

Highly customizable

The contract creation framework already provides for more than a thousand different variables and continues to grow each day. This means you will have endless options available to customise the contract to your exact needs.

*CLM integrations

The real power of a contract creation framework is that once the contract is signed it makes available structured data. This data can then be used within different system without the need for recapturing contract data.

Dynamic interviews

Interviews change and adapt based on user input, and various guidance notes and real-time feedback is provided to the users throughout the process.



$ 89 billed monthly / incl. tax / per user
  • 12 month contract
  • 100 contracts per year
  • 100 Dropbox Sign signature requests per year


Who can use DocNinja Scout?

Yes, once you have created the contract you will be able to download the contract in word format and make edits. You will also be able to access the interview again and edit the contract details.

Will the contracts be available in word?

Yes, once you have created the contract you will be able to download the contract in word format and make edits. You will also be able to access the interview again and edit the contract details.