DocNinja Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Version 2.0

Last updated: 10 August 2022.

Monthly uptime service level

Uptime and & Downtime explained

What will be regarded as monthly uptime?

The total minutes in the month minus the minutes of downtime suffered during such month.

What will be regarded as downtime?

If You cannot log into the System, it will be regarded as downtime.

How will downtime be calculated?

We will begin calculating downtime once You have submitted a ticket on Our Customer Portal.

Downtime does not include scheduled maintenance or failures due to circumstances out of Our control (for example the provider of the cloud infrastructure is experiencing downtime).

Provided You have –

  • notified Us of the experienced downtime as per this SLA;
  • claimed a service credit as per this SLA; and
  • Your account is not arrears,

a Credit will be issued to You based on the table below:


Monthly uptime as a per cent of minutes in the month

Credit: per cent of that month’s fees

95% to 99%


90% to 95%


Below 90%




Credits can only be applied against future fees and will forfeit upon termination.

To receive Credits for a particular calendar month, You must submit a claim via the customer support portal within thirty 30 days of the end of the specific month.


The claim must:

  • List the individual functional areas of the SaaS that were affected;
  • List the date and time the downtime occurred;
  • List usernames and email addresses affected by the downtime; and
  • An estimate of the amount of actual downtime in minutes.

If You do not submit the claim as contemplated in this SLA or fail to provide the downtime details as stipulated above, We will not have an obligation to issue a service credit.

Credits are limited to 20% of a month’s fees.

Error response and remedy service level

Error description

Response within

Temporary resolution within

Final resolution within

HIGH – Use of the System is impossible, and no workaround can be performed (e.g. login is not possible, or documents cannot be created or electronically signed)

1 hour

24 hours

1 week

MEDIUM – Use of the System is impaired but still working, and a workaround can be performed (e.g. errors appear within the generated documents)

8 hours

72 hours

1 month

LOW – The System is available but exhibits minor errors not affecting the result (e.g. errors appear on the document creation interview)

At Our discretion

At Our discretion

At Our discretion

Response and remedy times are measured from the time the error is logged on Our Customer Portal.


We will give You 24 hours’ notice before We commence any scheduled maintenance that may affect Your use of the System.

We may revise the Service Levels by notifying You by email of changes to the Service Levels.


You may reject any such change if the change materially reduces the Your rights.


Written notice of such rejection, detailing the material reduction, must be sent to Us within 30 days from the date We notified You about the changes.


If You do not notify Us of Your rejection of the changes within the provided 30 days, the SLA will be regarded as amended.