A bespoke solution for

Let’s automate the creation, signature and management of your entity management documents.

Meagen, you know businesses need to start working more efficiently, otherwise you will always be playing catchup with your competitors.

DocNinja users typically win back 80% of time spent on document admin.


In-house development may appear attractive. However, for the price we offer, you barely cover 10% the salary of a mid-level developer that will not have the needed legal, data science, accounting and process engineering expertise to ensure that a project of this nature works.


Step 1

Needs analysis

We send you an NDA to sign on DocNinja.

Then, we sit with your respective teams to start understanding where things get stuck, where there is room for improvement and build relationships with the people responsible for driving change.

Step 1
Step 2


We make a couple of recommendations for you to consider. 

Step 2
Step 3

We get to work

We now start creating amazing document and contract builders that are tailored to your need.

Step 3
Step 4

System live!

We are ready to rumble. 

Step 4
Step 5


We measure adoption, get feedback and continue tweaking the solution to ensure that it meets your expectations.

Step 5
Step 6

We jump for joy!

Everything is now connected and working seamlessly!

Step 6


*DocNinja - monthly billing / ex vat

API requests
Per request
100 transactions
500 transactions
1000 transactions
  • Document automation and creation
    Includes 20 free hours of coding and maintenance of dynamic interviews and document builders.
  • Custom development services
    Includes 20 free hours of custom development relating to integrations and custom workflows.

*Based on the conclusion of 12 month contract with a “free opt-out” after 6 months.

Why DocNinja

Our purpose of DocNinja is to help you work smarter!

Data security

We only use the best. AWS cloud infrastructure has time and time again been shown as the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform.

Save money

DocNinja combines document creation, signature and management into a single tool. If you had to pay separately for these tools, you will be paying at least double compared to a DocNinja solution.

Shared expertise

We bring a wealth of legal, process flow and data analytics knowledge to the table to help you thrive. 

Leading Competitor Comparison

Contract and document creation

  • Competitor
  • DocNinja
/per month /per user
Create documents with the click of a couple of buttons
CRM integrations
Fetch the latest customer information directly from your CRM
Approval workflows
Trigger and view approval workflows
Guided dynamic questionnaires
Interview questions that change and adapt based on user input
Advanced document logic and decision trees
Interview questions change and adapt based on user input
Multiple document creation
Create multiple documents from a single interview
Advanced calculations
Do advanced calculations within the interview based on the latest rates & fees
Internal rules & approvals
Use internal rules to ensure contracts are created within business rules and request approvals without leaving the interview
Integrated playbooks
See and set your default positions and fallback positions without leaving the interview
Real-time feedback
Receive real-time feedback on users input relating to legal limitations and positions
Version control
Compare different versions of documents with one another to what changed
Document comparison technology
Compare different versions of documents with one another to what changed
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Electronic Signatures

  • DocuSign Business
  • DocNinja Business
DocuSign BusinessDocNinja Business
/per month /per user
Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL)
WebTrust Accredited
Third-party data capture with custom fields
Real-time audit trail
Automated reminders & notification
SMS authentication
Signer attachments
Automatic signature setup
Go straight from document creation to signature without having to set up signers, fields and other signing information
Signer re-assignment
Allow for signers to re-assign signature requests to other people with their business
Add signers
Allow signers to add further signers to the request to sign
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When looking at DocNinja and Competitors, what is the big difference?

Competitors provide you with a tool. If the tool does not work for you, they not going to change it to suit your needs. With DocNinja, we provide a solution, which means we look at your problem and build a solution around it.

How confident is DocNinja that they will meet expectations?

We provide you with a free opt-out after 6 months. In other words, if you not happy with the DocNinja solution after 6 months, you can walk away. No questions asked.

Which cloud infrastructure do we use?

We prefer the AWS cloud infrastructure as it has time and time again been shown as the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform.